Aprende was created in 2019 by Martin Claure and has always kept a clear goal in mind

Become the leading vocational education platform to power hispanics towards in-demand jobs.

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Our Mission:

We want to help our students to acquire high-demand skills through a personalized, flexible and affordable solution that will empower them to turn their interests into income by starting a new business or a new career.

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Our Vision:

Become a crucial link connecting all Spanish speakers to the fastest-growing fields.

Our Values

We live for every student.

Our student’s success is our priority. We take our responsibilities very seriously because we know we can transform lifes through our educational experiences.

Think Big.

We are shaping the education of the future, and the sky is the limit. We are thrilled to have ambitious objectives, since it gives us a purpose bigger than us.

Deliver Results.

We do the impossible to reach our targets and generate value for our students and Aprende. Once we establish a goal, we commit to execute it fast and with the highest qualityt standards.

As a team we are unstoppable.

We are a reflection of the diversity of experiences, life perspectives, and passions, united by a common goal. This diversity is an unvaluable source of wisdom and growth.

Always in beta.

We are disruptive agents. We anticipate changes in culture derived from the technological and educational developments.
We take calculated risks: “If our product is launched flawless, we are late”


The First vocational-focused training platform for Spanish-speakers, allowing students to learn at their own pace and remotely, with the constant guidance from our experts.

The Only platform that offers high-value learning for spanish-speakers through interactive academic programs to build job-ready professionals.

The Best learning approach, empowering employees to develop in-demand skills to generate higher incomes as they grow professionally.

Work with us

We are the leading education platform for vocation abilities in the United States Hispanic Market and Latin America. As Aprende, we are an intelligent group of hard-working, diverse individuals who have chosen to lead a movement. We are confident we can successfully achieve the exciting goals that are in front of us because of our dedicated team of professionals who pride themselves on being welcoming, imaginative and inspired. Let’s build the future together. Discover all the positions available.